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I'm a certified freelance journalist with a penchant for breaking down big, newsworthy ideas into smaller, relatable human interest stories.

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Add credibility to your publication with well-researched articles including original quotes and interviews from experts in the industry. 

✔  Service Journalism 

✔  Feature Stories

✔  Profile Stories

✔  Original Reporting

✔  Expert sources

✔  Unique Story Angles 

Social Media Content

Harness the marketing power of social media and reach its 3.8 billion users with impressive, eye-catching, curiosity-inducing posts. 

Blog Posts

Engage, inform and entertain your readers with insightful content. 

✔  SEO

✔  Research 

✔  Promotion

Personal Essays

People want to feel — rage, euphoria, amusement, nostalgia, empathy and love. The same ol' same ol' how-tos and sneakily promotional SEO listicles aren't enough for something that intense.

You need to connect with the readers, get under their skin, scratch the itchy spots and light up their dark corners — that’s when they will come back for more.

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