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Content Writer & Freelance Journalist

About Me

A certified freelance journalist breaking down big, newsworthy ideas into relatable stories.

What I Can Do For You


Original reporting on unique stories around the world. 

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Social Media Content

Harness the marketing power of social media and reach its 5 billion users with impressive, eye-catching posts. 

✔ Daily, weekly, or monthly social media posts

✔ Repackaging and cross-posting content (for example, turning a Youtube video into a Twitter thread). 

✔ Content ideas relevant to your target demographic


✔ Long-term social media strategy

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Content Marketing

"Write for the reader, optimize for the web."

Reach and engage your target audience with well-researched, web-optimized content. 

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A quick Google search brings up tons of free resources but if you want to save time and get the most important personalized actionable steps delivered straight to you, book a consultation call. 

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