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Life Coaching

Be more productive.
Unlock your creativity.
Earn more money.

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Life Coaching 

Brainstorm to Success

Personalised Coaching Sessions for: 

  • Boosting Productivity

  • Unlocking Creative Blocks 

  • Getting your life together

Course 1

The Successful Freelancer – Intermediate Course

Working with Laptop

​Live 1:1 Coaching:

  • What makes a successful freelancer?

  • Writing career assessment

  • What has helped you succeed?

  • What needs to improve?

  • How to build a strong portfolio?

  • Should I write for free for big names?

  • How to find clients – intermediate

Course 2
Course 3

The Successful Creative Writer – Beginners Primer Course

Ready to Get Published

​Live 1:1 Coaching:

  • What is creative writing?

  • Types of creative writing

  • Can you get paid for creative writing?

  • How to ‘sell’ creative writing?

  • Introduction to the literary world

  • How to get published in lit mags

  • Pricing your creative work

  • The price difference between commercial and creative writing

  • How to be more creative?

Course 4

The Successful Freelancer – Beginner’s Primer Course


Live 1:1 Coaching:

  • What is freelance writing?

  • Should I be a freelance writer?

  • How to choose a writing niche?

  • Types of Freelance Writing Gigs

  • Which type is right for me?

  • Creating a portfolio

  • The Writers Website

  • How to find clients – a brief introduction

  • Should I write for free?

The Successful Freelancer – English as a second language

Open Laptop

​Live 1:1 Coaching:

  • Challenges for non-native writers

  • How to develop English fluency

  • How to communicate with international employers

  • Writing for international clients/audience

  • How to find gigs internationally

  • How to write about your country/culture for an international audience

  • Pricing yourself in foreign currency

FREE Consultation

On a Video Call

If you are wondering: 

Which of these is right for me?

Can I explore another topic?

Is she the right person to guide me?

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